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Williams International Experiences

Studying away for a semester or academic year isn't the only way to get an international experience at Williams! Find more information about other opportunities below. 

1. Winter Study Travel Courses
2. Fellowships: Explore both domestic and international funded opportunities during undergrad and postgrad. 
3. Summer Study Away: Many students ask us about study away in the summer. Almost all program providers offer summer options in addition to semester/academic year offerings. There are internships, language immersion, teaching programs, university summer schools and many other opportunities. While Williams does not award summer credit, students can still take advantage of these opportunities if they wish to. 

Visit the Global Williams website to learn more about the international opportunities Williams students can partake in. 

Other Offices on Campus: 
The below offices also provide opportunities for international experiences, and/or can help support you in the process of applying to international experiences. 

International Student Services Office
Fellowships Office 
Center for Foreign Languages, Literatures & Cultures 
'68 Center for Career Exploration