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Health Resources

Mental Health Abroad: 

As you begin to research your study abroad options, it is important to consider the degree of access to mental health services in certain countries. While some countries and programs may offer resources, support, and services, others may have extremely limited and little to no options at all. It is highly recommended that you make sure to research potential host countries and programs prior to participating and speak with your healthcare provider through the planning process regarding any ongoing health plan. 


While you are abroad, you will continue to have access to TalkSpace, which is a free online therapy service for Williams College students.

International SOS: 

You will also be required to register with International SOS, which is a company that offers emergency travel services. When you study away, Williams will provide you with a free membership to International SOS. It is important to note, however, that International SOS is NOT health insurance. Students will still need to have health insurance with international coverage (if going abroad) for the entire time they plan to be abroad. 

The services provided by International SOS are listed below:
- Emergency evacuation
- Medical monitoring
- E-mail health alerts
- Travel services
- Legal referrals
- Lost document advice
- E-mail security alerts

Students can make an account and login to International SOS here
Step-by-step instructions on how to login to International SOS can be found here

International Health Insurance: 

Prior to departure, you will also need to ensure that you are registered for international health insurance. It is your responsibility to make sure you have international health insurance coverage for the entire duration that you plan to be abroad. If you are on the Williams College health insurance with Blue Cross Blue Shield, you can choose to remain on this plan as this does include international coverage. You will, however, want to reach out to Blue Cross Blue Shield directly to learn about the specifics on amount of coverage/types of coverage that is included. Based on what they say and on your own healthcare needs, you may always choose to purchase additional international health insurance as well. Some programs may even offer or automatically enroll students in their own international health insurance. Please refer to your program directly to see if this is something that they offer.