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Study Away Scholarships

Outside of Financial Aid, there are a number of ways to get additional funding for study away. See below for a variety of scholarships students can apply for.

National/International Scholarships:
These scholarships are for any student that meet the criteria provided. Generally, students need to be US Citizens to qualify.
For studying less commonly taught languages in world regions critical to U.S. interests. Deadline typically in February for the following year.
Open to Federal Pell Grant recipients in order to increase their participation in study abroad. Mid-January deadline for the following year.‚Äč

Fund for Education Abroad
To support emerging artists in dance, film/video/digital production, and literature.
Not a specific study abroad scholarship, but can be used for study abroad. Must be a computer science major or a closely related field.
Competitive scholarship for students studying in Japan.
For study in Japan.
Open to students who will be studying in Germany for a semester or year as part of an organized program, or on their own through a university in Germany.
For US Undergrads with demonstrated financial need to study abroad in East/Southeast Asia.
Provider Scholarships:
These scholarships are offered by study abroad providers for students going on their programs (i.e. IFSA-Butler, Arcadia etc.). Awards may be need based, diversity based, or merit based. Not all providers have scholarship funding, so if a program is not listed it may be that there are no scholarships available through the program directly.
Diversity Scholarships:
Scholarships geared towards those underrepresented in study away.
Study Abroad Scholarship Clearinghouses:
These websites are search engines to find study away scholarships that students may be qualified for.