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Identity Abroad Resources

In order to prepare for your semester or year away, it is important to understand your host country's culture. It is also important to realize that aspects of your identity may be perceived differently in other cultures than in the United States. As you begin to prepare for your time away, we recommend doing some preliminary research to understand the identity dynamics in your host country. 

Once you arrive in your host country, your on-site program staff are a great point of contact to speak with if you encounter any questions or issues while you are away. Prior to departure, however, these resources below are a wonderful starting point to begin navigating identities abroad and exploring more about your host culture.

General Location-Specific Resouces: 

1. Diversity Abroad’s Destination Guides
2. IES Abroad's Country-Specific Diversity Resources
3. IES Abroad's Student Identity and Access Resources

Students of Color Resources: 

1. Diversity Abroad Minority and Students of Color Abroad
2. IES Abroad's Race, Ethnicity, and Nationality Resources 
3. DIS Blog: Being a Student of Color Abroad (Blue)
4. All Abroad: Info to Support Diversity Abroad 
5. University of Minnesota: Student Experiences and Articles 

LGBTQ+ Resources: 

1. Diversity Abroad LBGTQ+ Students Abroad
2. GoAbroad's LGBTQ Traveler's Perspectives 
3. Diversity Abroad: A Roadmap for the Queer Study Abroad Experience
4. IES Abroad's LGBTQ+ & Ally Resources
5. Department of State: LGBTQ+ Travelers 

First-Generation Students: 

1. Diversity Abroad First-Generation Students Traveling Abroad
2. GoAbroad's First-Generation Students Study Abroad Guide
3. IFSA's Student Stories: Navigating Study Abroad as a First-Generation Student
4. IES Abroad's First-Generation Resources 
5. IFSA's Student Stories: How to Overcome First-Generation Hurdles While Studying Abroad

Students with Disabilities: 

1. Diversity Abroad Students with Disabilities Abroad
2. Go Overseas: 7 Tips for Studying Abroad with Disabilities and Chronic Conditions 
3. Department of State: Travelers with Disabilities 
4. IES Abroad's Disability, Mental Health, & Self-Care Resources
5. Williams College Accessible Education