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Winter Study Travel Courses

Winter Study Travel Courses: 

Students can only apply for one Winter Study travel course. First years are not eligible to apply for Winter Study travel courses. 

The deadline to apply is Friday, September 29, 2023 @ 11:59 pm. Applications will open in early September.

Exploring Travel Winter Study Options:
Please visit our Program Options page. If you already know the name of the course you plan to apply for, you can type this into the search bar. If not, please select "Filters" next to the search bar. Under "Terms" you will then want to select "Winter Study". All travel Winter Study courses will then pop up. 

Prior to the Deadline: 
  • Carefully review travel course descriptions (will be located under Program Options)
  • Attend the travel course info session(s) to understand the requirements of the course and the selection process—if unable to attend the meetings, please contact the course instructor directly.
How to Apply: 
  • Locate your program under Program Options and hit the "Apply Now" button on your program brochure page. 
  • You will need to select the term "Winter Study 2024"
  • If you do not already have a Terra Dotta account, you will need to log in to Terra Dotta using the “Campus Login” option. This should allow you to log in directly through your single sign-on Google credentials.
Travel Winter Study Registration Process:

Winter Study instructors will review all applications and may also have their own additional requirements, such as interviews. Instructors will make their selections for their course and will let the Office of Global Education and Study Away know their final roster. The Registrar's Office will enroll these approved students prior to the registration period. By applying to a travel Winter Study course, you understand that you cannot apply to any other Winter Study courses. Once you have been registered, you have committed to this course and may not drop it and add a different course. If not approved for this course, you may register for another Winter Study course.

Winter Study/Study Away Policy for Semester or Year-Long Students: 

Students who Study Away on a semester program are still required to participate in Winter Study. Here are the exceptions to this rule:
  • If you are studying away for a full academic year
  • If you are studying away on two different programs for fall and spring
  • If you are at Williams-Mystic for a semester
  • If you are studying away for the spring semester and the program starts before the beginning of the spring semester at Williams, you are waived from Winter Study participation
In all of the above cases, you will automatically be granted credit for Winter Study as part of your study away semester. Since you are granted credit, you are not allowed to enroll in Winter Study. All other students must complete Winter Study at Williams, either by returning to take a course or through a 99 or other Winter Study opportunity.