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Winter Study Policy

Students who Study Away are still required to participate in Winter Study. Here are the exceptions to this rule:
  • If you are studying away for a full year
  • If you are studying away on two different programs for fall and spring
  • If you are at Williams-Mystic for a semester
  • If you are studying away for the spring semester and the program starts at any time before the beginning of the spring semester at Williams,  you are waived from Winter Study participation
  • If your program starts after Winter Study classes end, but before the spring semester starts, you can opt into Winter Study participation but it will be waived by default
In all of the above cases, you will automatically be granted credit for Winter Study as part of your study away semester. Since you are granted credit, you are not allowed to enroll for Winter Study on campus. All other students must complete Winter Study at Williams, either by returning to take a course or through a 99 or other Winter Study opportunity.